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The FBI’s Efforts in Unlocking the Secrets from Syed Farook’s iPhone

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Famous Brands, Technology | Comments Off on The FBI’s Efforts in Unlocking the Secrets from Syed Farook’s iPhone

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) finally agreed having had to work with government officials from San Bernardino County in attempts to dig up any information from an iPhone 5C, previously owned by Syed Farook. Their attempts were a series of actions that involved resetting the phone’s iCloud account password in order to get access to Farook’s last saved actions hoping that they would lead to something significant. Re/code went ahead to clarify reports from Apple that less than 24 hours after the iPhone 5C was acquired and in government property the Apple ID password, which Farook handled, had been changed. However, if ever the required backup information the FBI was requesting for had not been recovered, Apple engineers would have worked round the clock till every single detail was unearthed.

In spite of the efforts that were in place in attempt to reset the password, the FBI confirmed that the efforts did not have any impact on Apple’s compliance to a court order that demanded it creates an iOS version that could allow authorities to gain access of the terrorist’s iPhone 5C by means of a brute force attack. Additionally the FBI stated that direct extraction of data from an iOS device more often than not has more information to disclose than from a mere iCloud backup has. Regardless of their attempt to get Apple to assist them in getting more information out of their device, Tim Cook and Apple have been less than forthcoming.

Still, failure to have reset the password as was initially done and Apple agreeing to have switched on the auto-backup of the iCloud and concurrently have loaded the saved data, it would have been a pointless endeavor owing to the fact that iCloud backup never saves all the data in a device. Prior to such a serious situation Apple must switch on the auto-backup and load the information as dictated by the All Writs Act order. The government’s initial objective was to get as much information as possible to aid the investigation. This is still the top priority.

According to an open letter from Cook on Wednesday, he confirmed that Apple is no more or less shocked and outraged by the San Bernardino attacks last December than the FBI already is. Additionally, Apple continues to trust that the FBI’s intents are outrightly good but creating a backdoor out of the name of these whole-hearted intentions would be too dangerous.

The White House however later on denied affirmative action over these allegations of creating a backdoor to Apple’s products. They are rather interested in gaining access to the contents of one iPhone 5C device. Following this, the US Department of Justice called upon Apple’s opposition i.e. a marketing strategy in attempts to push them in to complying with the initial court order.

As a result social media has made the dispute between the FBI and Apple widespread for weeks with Google, Facebook and Twitter, and campaigners publicly backing up Apple leaving aspiring US candidate Donald Trump and a few San Bernardino Victims having sided with the FBI. As the situations stands now, Apple has until the 26th of February to file its legal arguments against the court order hunting them.


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Apple hesitance to cooperate with the FBI to unlock their phones

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Technology | Comments Off on Apple hesitance to cooperate with the FBI to unlock their phones

It seems like the legal battle between Apple and the FBI is not going to end soon. Despite the company being ordered by the court to allow the FBI to hack their latest IPhone, Apple has refused to obey the order has vowed to appeal the decision made by the court. This developing story has actually polarized the nation, some are supporting the court ruling while others are opposed to the decision made by the court. Those who support the court’s decision are actually saying the Apple Corporation has actually cooperated in the past to unlock dozen of phones that they have made and they are actually finding it wired that the company doesn’t want to help the FBI hack their latest iPhone.

However, the company reason to refuse to cooperate with the FBI despite cooperating in the recent past is because they have been ordered to create a new software that will eliminate important security features that the company built to protect data of their customers. Those who oppose the decision made the by courts say that what the court ordered is what the FBI has been trying to force Apple and other mobile companies to do. The only exception is that the FBI is now want to take advantage of the case that is currently under investigation to finally get their way.

What really happened?

The battle between the FBI and Apple started when the FBI was unable to hack the Apple phone that was used by the shooter in December in San Bernardino, California. The phone in question is the iPhone 5c and it is running on the IOS9 version of Apple’s software. The suspect actually created a password to lock his phone and the software that this phone uses only allows the user to unlock the phone. This means that the FBI cannot hack the phone unless they consult the user or the company that created the software. The FBI actually attempted to use password guessing technique to unlock the phone but all was in vain.

The FBI want to access important information which they believe was in the shooter iPhone. Apple upgraded their software in 2014 by putting security features that only allowed the phone owner to access them. The government want the Apple to make it easier for the FBI to hack the phone especially when conducting investigations.

The main reason why Apple phone sells more phones than any other brand in the world is because they have invested heavily in protecting customer data. However, it seem like the government as well as the FBI are not happy with the security features that Apple has put in place to protect its customers. Latest apple iPhones uses two distinct features to protect their customer’s data. They include a passwords that the user chooses and a unique 265 bit AES secret that has been embedded on the phone by the company. This makes it difficult for an outsider to hack the phone.

Although the company believes that the FBI has good intentions, they don’t appreciate the fact the government is trying to force them to build a backdoor for their products and they fear that the courts order will actually undermine the freedom and liberty the government is supposed to protect.

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Facts and Information on How the Apple Company Got Its Start

Posted by on Jan 16, 2016 in Famous Brands | Comments Off on Facts and Information on How the Apple Company Got Its Start

At this point, the vast majority in the United States and the majority of the present day world are acquainted with no less than one of the Apple companies products, whether it is the iMac computer, iPods, MacBook parts and iPod parts, and the later iPhone. This company began in 1976 by three men who needed to make the computer accessible and available to individuals for their very own utilization, not simply something that could be found at a lab or at work. This began with the Apple I personal computer pack that was high quality by one of the three men, Steve Wozniak. All through the late 70’s they continued to develop things that would change how computers functioned like the floppy circle to store information and by including programs that permitted the utilization of shading, representation and spreadsheets for organizations. The computer world would never be the same.

Amid the 1980’s Apple made their first expansive impression on the public with a promoting effort for the Macintosh personal computer. They got a major producer to create a commercial to be circulated amid the Super Bowl in 1984 that cost 1.5 million dollars. Numerous trust, that that commercial and the buzz surrounding it, gave the Apple Company their begin in being one of the greatest companies around. The commercial was titled 1984 and was an interpretation of George Orwell’s novel by the same title.

The following decade continued to bring more changes and developments for the Apple Company with a portion of the pioneers leaving the company and new individuals assuming control. As of right now only one out of the first three men was still with the company. In 1991 they presented the PowerBook which was a more portable tablet phone was another thought to computers by and large. Everything that they thought of appeared to succeed until the mid to late 90’s.

Amid this time, they additionally attempted to create different hardware besides computers without much success. A portion of the things that fizzled were computerized cameras, portable CD players, speakers and different appliances for televisions. The greater part of the problems took a toll on the company and their stock set out toward a decrease interestingly since it opened up to the world in 1980. The begin of Windows software appeared to without any assistance recover the company on track again and also the development of the iMac computer by Jonathan Ive.

They later went ahead to design the now acclaimed iPod and iPhone and created a fan following for Apple that no other electronic or computer companies has done. The reliability that numerous individuals have to this company and their products is incredibly solid. In 2001, Apple opened up their first retail location and even today, a huge number of fans will line up outside the entryways of another store opening. The latest well known thing is the App store that permits outsider applications to be sold for the iPhone and iTouch and is projected that the App store could be a billion dollar business for Apple.

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Apple brand loyalty

Posted by on Nov 15, 2015 in Famous Brands, Technology | Comments Off on Apple brand loyalty

Despite the opinion of many computer industry analysts that brand loyalty in information technologies and products is dead because of many different digital technologies in existence, coupled with strong and fast research and development, which, consequently, lead the consumers to quickly switch to a competitor, Apple manages to keep its „fan base “not just solid and faithful, but constantly on the rise. Apple technology enthusiasts, with Apple evangelists being the most serious kind, are probably the most faithful customers in today’s IT market. Apple evangelists are persons who try to build a support base for a certain product or brand, which would eventually lead to a critical mass of support, and then establish this product or brand as technical standard in a certain field.

This specific approach to sales and marketing has led Apple to what it is today, among other things. These persons, the evangelists, were actively employed at Apple at certain times, but only after the phenomenon of brand loyalty was already established.

ID-100161683Today Apple is one of the most famous companies in the world, with an extremely devout consumer base. Some reports conclude that Apple is among the top companies in the world which have the most loyal consumers and these include: Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, Zappos, Hyundai, Kindle, Patron and others. Opening of Apple stores draws crowds in thousands, people are willing to spend the night in front of stores about to open so they can be the first to acquire new products, and this happens on a world-wide basis, from California to Tokyo.  Today, Apple surpasses even the Coca Cola brand as the world’s most valuable brand. Some say that the key to this result is the constant innovative policy of the company, and others claim that Apple is, essentially, a marketing company.

Recent studies have shown that as much as 83% of current iPhone users are planning to stick to the Apple brand, as opposed the 64% of current Samsung users, Apple’s leading competitor in the smartphone market. This even applies on Samsung’s home turf, in South Korea, where the iPhone hase outranked Samsung’s products.

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apple_technology_2009_64x64px_by_berlin19Such a high level of customer loyalty allows Apple to keep its prices high, in the premium level, and still retain its sales numbers, even if the competitors offer a similar, maybe even a better product, at a lower price. An Apple user will continue to „stick “to the products of the brand and be a loyal customer, prepared to pay top dollar for the product. This is what ensures that Apple, even when selling fewer phones than the competition, is able to keep the profit margins very high and, basically, take the most of the money from the market. This, in turn, ensures constant innovation and development and more money for marketing.

Reasons why this is the case, why Apple consumers are so loyal to the brand are numerous and complicated and will surely be a topic for many studies in the field of marketing and branding. Also lots of Apple user doesn’t know how to uninstall programs on mac. But please just follow this manual and you’ll be fine.

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